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Pocket watch "Lightning" of the USSR in the 70s Артикул: W3875

Описание товара

A rare vintage mechanical pocket watch made at the Chelyabinsk Molniya factory in the early 70s of the Soviet period. Good working and collector's safe condition. On the light white dial with a slight shade of ivory, there is a contour edge with an original design of fonts that are popular in use when decorating various clocks from alarm clocks to wall clocks. The 3602 watch movement made of an antimagnetic brass alloy with an anodized white coating is assembled on 15 ruby stones, has a separate second hand and a shockproof pendulum balance unit. The high accuracy and reliability of the watch correspond to the Soviet GOST standards and are determined in the range from -20 to +40 seconds/day. The arrows are steel with a black metallized coating. The case of the watch is covered with white chrome. The back protective cover of the watch case with a chrome coating is additionally worked out by the factory cyacrine for additional protection and a special effect of a bright colorful shade. The watch comes with a factory pocket chain and a modern packaging box made of laminated micro corrugated cardboard. The diameter of the watch case is 45 mm. The watch will be an original and interesting collectible addition to your collection of rare and already rare mechanical watches of the legendary Soviet watch production.

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