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The Flight - USSR gold-plated watch Артикул: W5163

Описание товара

Mechanical wristwatch of the 1st watch factory "Flight" with a silver guilloched dial in a large semi-oval gilded case with a bracelet. The production time is the middle of the 80s of the Soviet period of time. The movement of the watch with a central second hand and an instantaneous calendar device is assembled on 17 ruby stones. Reliable and good accuracy of the amplitude stroke of the shockproof balance unit. Natural mineral impact-resistant glass. The period of energy dynamics at full winding of the clock spring is a cycle of continuous operation of at least 37 hours. The stamps of the time values of the dial and the hands of the clock are covered with gilding. The bracelet is made of steel oxide-proof with fragments of titanium nitride sputtering. The buckle of the bracelet has a reliable double locking mechanism. The size of the gold-plated case is 36x42 mm. The watch is in good working condition. There are minor patches of silvery temporary patina on the dial. The watch is equipped with a gift box of bright red laminated micro corrugated cardboard with a gold potal finish. Cheap watches for a good gift for a connoisseur of Soviet reliable men's watches.

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